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Compensation Amounts

When you’re injured or lose out because of an accident through no fault of your own, the unfairness can make it all seem so much worse. We can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Whether you had an accident at work, shopping, at a local park, or an accident anywhere else, we’ll help you claim compensation quickly, friendly and efficiently.

We operate on a No Win No Fee basis which protects you from any financial risk. All you need to do to start your claim is to get in touch with a member of our team.

Set out below is guidance on the levels of financial award typically given in England and Wales for various types of injury.

The level of award will reflect the nature and extent of your symptoms and how they affected you or the injured person.

Any financial losses attributable to the accident will be claimed in addition to these figures.

We will be able to advise you on the value of your claim when we have full details of your injuries and how they have affected you.

The sum awarded to you will be based on the interpretation and application of the guidelines set by the Judicial College.

Head Injuries

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amount
Very Severe Brain DamageInjuries that leave a person significantly limited both physically and mentally and needing full-time nursing care.Between £245,000 – £350,000
Moderately Severe Brain DamageInjuries that leave a person very seriously disabled with substantial dependence on others.Between £190,000 – £245,000
Moderate Brain DamageInjuries that leave a person disabled but with less dependence on others.Between £35,000 – £190,000
Less Severe Brain DamageThe person will have made a reasonably good recovery from the injuries but still suffer with some symptoms.Between £13,000 – £35,000
Minor Brain or Head InjuryAny minor injury, such as headaches or any injury that has a full recovery without any lasting side effects.Between £1,900 – £11,000
Epilepsy - Grand MalGrand Mal: Established Grand Mal.Between £90,000 – £130,000
Epilepsy - Petit MalPetit Mal: Established Petit Mal.Between £48,000 – £115,000
Other Epileptic ConditionsLevel of compensation is dependent on the effects of the epilepsy and to what extent it impacts on the person’s quality of life.Between £9,000 – £23,000

Neck Injuries

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation
Severe Neck InjuryInjury ranging from severe soft tissue damage causing disability to incomplete paraplegia, having little or no movement in the neck.Between £40,000 – £130,000
Moderate Neck InjuryInjuries including fractures or dislocations requiring surgery, severe whiplash and injuries which may have worsened any pre-existing conditions.Between £7,000 – £33,000
Minor Neck Injury (Such as Whiplash Injury)Injuries that are more minor and are resolved within two years.Up to £7,000

Back Injuries

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amount
Severe Back InjuryInjuries including severe damage to the spine causing significant pain and disability.Between £34,000 – £140,000
Moderate Back InjuryInjuries including damage to spinal bones, prolapsed discs, disturbance to ligaments and soft tissue damage which worsens a pre-existing condition.Between £10,000 – £34,000
Minor Back InjuryInjuries including strains, sprains and soft tissue injuries that are fully recoverable within five years.Up to £10,000

Shoulder Injuries

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amount
Severe Shoulder InjurySevere damage to the shoulder resulting in significant disability.Between £16,000 – £42,000
Serious Shoulder InjuryInjuries including dislocation of the shoulder and soft tissue injuries that cause permanent minor pain.Between £11,000 – £16,000
Moderate Shoulder InjuryInjuries resulting in limited movement and discomfort in the shoulder lasting for up to two years.Between £7,000 – £11,000
Minor Shoulder InjurySoft tissue injuries with considerable pain but recoverable within two years.Up to £7,000
Fracture of ClavicleThe valuation of the compensation will depend upon the extent of the fracture.Between £4,000 – £10,000

Upper Limb Injuries

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amount
Amputation of armsAny amputation of the arm including amputations below or above the elbow and either or both arms.Between £84,000 – £260,000
Severe arm injuryInjuries which are extremely serious and leave the person little better off than if the arm had been lost.Between £85,000 – £115,000
Injuries resulting in permanent and substantial disablementSerious fractures of one or both forearms.Between £34,000 – £52,000
Less severe arm injuryInjuries where there has been significant disability but a substantial recovery, including simple fractures.Between £5,000 – £34,000
Severely disabling elbow injuryAny elbow injury causing a serious or major disability.Between £34,000 – £48,000
Less severe elbow injuryInjuries causing minor disability.Between £13,000 – £28,000
Moderate or minor elbow injuryInjuries including simple fractures, tennis elbow syndrome and deep cuts.Up to £11,000
Severe wrist injuryInjuries including complete loss of function in the wrist and significant permanent disability.Between £21,000 – £52,000
Moderate wrist injuryInjuries including some disability in the wrist and soft tissue injuries that take longer to recover.Between £8,000 – £21,000
Minor wrist injuryInjuries including uncomplicated fractures and soft tissue injuries.Between £3,000 – £7,000
Total or effective loss of handsInjuries including total or effective loss of both hands or one hand and serious damage to both hands.Between £85,000 – £175,000
Serious hand injuryInjuries including a reduction of 50% hand capacity and when several fingers have been amputated.Between £25,000 – £55,000
Moderate hand injuryInjuries including severe crush injuries, penetrating wounds and soft tissue injuries.Between £5,000 – £25,000
Minor hand injuryInjuries that are less serious and are recoverable within six months.Between £800 – £3,800
Loss of finger - Amputation of Index and Middle and/or Ring fingersAmputation of Index and Middle and/or Ring Fingers. Hand of very little use.Between £55,000 – £80,000
Loss of finger - IndexTotal Loss of Index FingerIn the region of £16,000
Loss of finger - MiddleTotal Loss of Middle FingerIn the region of £13,000
Loss of finger - LittleTotal Loss of Little FingerBetween £7,000 – £10,000
Other finger injuryInjuries resulting in at least a partial loss of one finger, fracture or serious deformity or a serious injury affecting function of the ring or middle finger.Between £3,000 – £32,000
Severe thumb injuryInjuries including at least a partial loss, if not a complete loss of the whole thumbBetween £17,000 – £48,000
Moderate thumb injuryInjuries including nerve damage and tendon damage causing impaired grip.Between £8,000 – £15,000
Severe dislocation of the thumbN/ABetween £3,000 – £6,000
Minor thumb injuryInjuries including fractures which are recoverable within six months and trivial injuries.Up to £3,500
Vibration White Finger and/or Hand-Arm Vibration SyndromeInjuries caused by exposure to vibration.Between £3,000 – £35,000
Severe work related upper limb disordersDisorders including Tenosynovitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow. Injuries including the loss of function in both arms and therefore loss of job.Between £19,000 – £20,000
Moderate work related upper limb conditionsInjuries ongoing in one arm.Between £13,000 – £14,000
Minor work related upper limb conditionsInjuries are recoverable within 3 years.Between £2,000 – £10,000

Injuries to Pelvis & Hips

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amounts
Severe Injury to Pelvis and/or HipsInjuries including significant fractures or dislocations in the pelvis or hip.Between £35,000 – £115,000
Moderate Injury to Pelvis and/or HipsSignificant injuries to the pelvis or hip but where any permanent disability is not major.Between £10,000 – £35,000
Minor Injury to Pelvis and/or HipsInjuries that do not cause disability and recoverable within two years.Up to £10,000

Lower Limb Injuries

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amount
Amputations of legsAny type of amputation of the leg.Between £85,000 – £245,000
Severe leg injuryInjuries ranging from those just short of amputation to complicated leg fractures needing prolonged treatment.Between £25,000 – £120,000
Less serious leg injuryInjuries ranging from fractures that are not completely recoverable and serious soft tissue injuries to simple leg fractures.Between £15,000 – £30,000
Minor leg injuryOther leg injuries, for example straight forward fractures to soft tissue damage with no lasting effect.Up to £25,000
Severe knee injuryInjuries including leg fractures which cause constant knee pain, disruption of the knee joint and ones that cause long-term knee damage.Between £22,000 – £85,000
Moderate knee injuryInjuries including dislocation, torn cartilage and weakness in the knee.Up to £22,000
Very severe ankle injuryInjuries including complex fractures, and deformities.Between £43,000 – £60,000
Severe ankle injuryInjuries needing extensive treatment and a lengthy period in plaster.Between £27,000 – £43,000
Moderate ankle injuryInjuries including less serious fractures, ligament injuries and sprains.Up to £23,000
Serious achilles tendon injuryInjuries including severance of the tendon causing restricted ankle movement and scarring.Between £21,000 – £34,000
Moderate achilles tendon injuryInjuries including partial rupture to the tendon or significant injury to the tendon.Between £11,000 – £20,000
Minor achilles tendon injuryInjuries which are more minor, causing minor weakness in the ankle.Between £6,000 – £11,000
Amputation of feetAny amputation of either one or both feetBetween £73,000 – £175,000
Severe foot injuryInjuries which include ones that cause permanent and severe pain and ones which cause substantial restriction to feet.Between £35,000 – £90,000
Serious foot injuryInjuries which lead to continuing pain from arthritis or the risk of future arthritis.Between £22,000 – £35,000
Moderate foot injuryInjuries which include fractures and ones which cause permanent defects.Up to £22,000
Amputation of toesAny amputation of the toes, ranging from the loss of one big toe to the loss of all toes.Between £27,000 – £50,000
Severe toe injuriesInjuries including severe crush injuries leading to the amputation of one or two toes and serious fractures of toes.Between £8,000 – £18,000
Moderate toe injuryInjuries including simple fractures and injuries which affect a pre-existing condition.Up to £8,000

Facial Scarring

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amounts
Severe scarringScarring where the cosmetic and psychological impact is significant.Between £15,000 – £85,000
Significant scarringScarring where plastic surgery has reduced the significant effects and the psychological effects are not severe.Between £8,000 – £26,000
Minor scarringScarring including single scars that can be camouflaged or a number of small scars.Between £1,500 – £12,000

Facial Injuries

Injury typeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amounts
Le Fort Fractures to the FaceThree specific types of fracture to the front of the face above the teeth to the midface.Between £20,000 – £32,000
Multiple Fractures to the Facial BonesInjuries involving deformities to the face which are permanent.Between £13,000 – £21,000
Nose FracturesLevel of compensation is dependent upon how significant the fracture is, how long it takes to recover and whether surgery is required.Between £1,500 – £20,000
Cheekbone FracturesLevel of compensation is dependent upon how significant the fracture is, how long it takes to recover and whether surgery is required.Between £2,000 – £13,000
Jaw FracturesLevel of compensation is dependent upon how significant the fracture is, how long it takes to recover and whether surgery is required.Between £5,000 – £40,000
Damage to TeethLevel of compensation is dependent upon the level of damage to teeth and the position of the teeth effected.£1,000 – £34,000

Psychiatric Injuries

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amounts
Severe psychiatric injuryInjuries which severely affects an individual’s personal and work life, of which the individual has little chance of recovering.Between £48,000 – £102,000
Moderate psychiatric injuryInjuries which has less of an effect on an individual’s personal and work life, of which the individual has greater chance of recovering.Between £5,000 – £48,000
Less severe psychiatric injuryInjuries which include travel anxiety, specific phobias and problems sleeping.Between £1,000 – £5,000
Severe post traumatic stress disorderDisorders which involve permanent effects which badly affect the individuals life.Between £52,000 – £88,000
Moderately severe post traumatic stress disorderDisorders which will partly recover with professional help but the effects will cause significant disability for the foreseeable future.Between £20,000 – £52,000
Less severe post traumatic stress disorderDisorders which are largely or virtually recoverable.Between £3,000 – £20,000
Severe Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)Where the individual is likely to be unable to work and require care and assistance at home.Between £45,000 – £74,000
Moderate Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)Where the individual suffers with varied pain and reduces over time.Between £25,000 – £45,000
Severe pain disordersDisorders where symptoms are ongoing and expected to persist, causing an effect on the individual’s personal and work life.Between £36,000 – £55,000
Moderate pain disordersDisorders where symptoms reduce over time and in some cases nearly completely recover.Between £18,000 – £34,000

Injuries Affecting the Senses

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amounts
Total Blindness and DeafnessN/AIn the region of £355,000
Complete BlindnessN/AIn the region of £235,000
Loss of Sight in One Eye with Reduced Vision in the otherLevel of compensation is dependent upon whether there is a serious risk of further deterioration in the remaining eye.Between £55,000 – £158,000
Total Loss of One EyeN/ABetween £48,000 – £58,000
Complete Loss of Sight in One EyeN/ABetween £43,000 – £48,000
Cases of Serious but Incomplete Loss of Vision in One EyeN/ABetween £20,000 – £35,000
Minor but Permanent Impairment of Vision in One or Both EyesN/ABetween £8,000 – £18,000
Minor eye injuriesInjuries including being hit in the eye, splashed by liquids and exposure to fumes which cause temporary problems with sight.Between £3,500 – £8,000
Temporary eye injuriesInjuries which are temporary and only take a few weeks to recover.Between £2,000 – £3,500
Total Deafness and Loss of SpeechN/ABetween £95,000 – £124,000
Total DeafnessN/ABetween £80,000 – £95,000
Total Loss of Hearing in One EarN/ABetween £27,000 – £40,000
Hearing Loss and /or TinnitusInjuries ranging from slight hearing loss to severe Tinnitus and hearing loss.Up to £40,000
Total Loss of Taste and SmellN/AIn the region of £35,000
Total Loss of Smell and Significant Loss of TasteN/ABetween £28,000 – £35,000
Loss of SmellN/ABetween £21,000 – £30,000
Loss of TasteN/ABetween £16,000 – £21,000

Damage to Hair & Skin

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amounts
Damage to hairIncluding damage which causes dry, brittle hair, burning of the scalp and includes depression or distress as a result of the damage to the hair.Between £3,000 – £10,000
Damage to Skin - DermatitisLevel of compensation will depend upon whether the dermatitis affects both hands and whether it causes depression or distress.Between £1,500 – £17,000
Burn InjuriesLevel of compensation will depend upon the percentage body area affected by the burns, the impact on the individuals life and whether they will need surgery.Up to £92,000
Scarring including a large single disfiguring scar and multiple scars.N/ABetween £7,000 – £20,000
Single or Multiple Superficial ScarsN/ABetween £2,000 – £7,000

Injuries to Internal Organs

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amounts
Severe chest injuryChest injuries including significant heart damage, lung removal or permanent damage to heart or lung which reduces life expectancy.Between £58,000 – £130,000
Moderate chest injuryChest injuries including lung damage causing disability or permanent chest injuries which have less effect on lung function.Between £5,000 – £50,000
Minor chest injuryChest injuries including collapsed lungs, of which a full recovery is made, fractures of ribs and soft tissue injuries.Up to £5,000
Lung diseaseLung disease in a young person. Disease leading to premature death.Between £90,000 – £120,000
Lung cancerCausing severe pain and damage to function of the body and quality of life.Between £60,000 – £85,000
Emphysema and other diseasesDisease causing worsening lung functionBetween £50,000 – £60,000
Breathing difficultiesBreathing difficulties which have a significant effect on social and working life.Between £27,000 – £50,000
BronchitisBronchitis and wheezing which does not have a significant or permanent effect on social or working life.Between £18,000 – £27,000
BreathlessnessSlight breathlessness with little or no effect on social and working life and completely recoverable.Between £5,000 – £18,000
Minor bronchitis or chest problemsIssues which resolve within a few months.Between £2,000 – £5,000
Asbestos related - MesotheliomaDisease causing severe pain and impairment of function and quality of life.Between £60,000 – £110,000
Asbestos Related - Lung cancerN/ABetween £60,000 – £85,000
Asbestos Related - Asbestosis and pleural thickeningLevel of compensation will depend upon the level of disability attributable to asbestos.Between £13,000 – £93,000
Severe AsthmaAsthma which is permanently disabling, impairs physical activity, disturbs sleep and reduces employment prospects.Between £23,000 – £58,000
Moderate AsthmaBronchitis and wheezing which affects work and social life but is recoverable within a few years.Between £10,000 – £23,000
Mild AsthmaMild asthma, bronchitis and cold and chest problems.Up to £4,500
Reproductive System - MaleTotal Loss of Reproductive OrgansIn excess of £135,000
ImpotenceLevel of compensation will depend upon age of the individual and whether he has children or not.Between £38,000 – £130,000
SterilityLevel of compensation will depend upon seriousness of case, age, lifestyle and family plans.Between £5,000 – £123,000
Female Reproductive System - InfertilityLevel of compensation will depend upon age, lifestyle and family plans, along with the level of psychological damage.Between £2,000 – £150,000
Damage resulting from traumatic injury - Digestive SystemLevel of compensation will depend upon severity of damage.Between £5,000 – £55,000
KidneysInjuries Resulting in Loss of One or Both KidneysBetween £25,000 – £185,000
BowelsLevel of compensation will depend upon the level of bowel function, ranging from total loss of function to a completely recoverable injury.Between £10,000 – £160,000
BladderLevel of compensation will depend upon the level of bladder function , ranging from total loss of function with bladder complications to complete recovery.Between £20,000 – £160,000
SpleenLevel of compensation will depend upon level of spleen function.Between £3,000 – £23,000
HerniaLevel of compensation will depend upon limitation on physical activities and employment after repair.Between £3,000 – £21,000

Injuries Involving Paralysis

Injury TypeDescriptionAverage Compensation Amounts
Quadriplegia or TetraplegiaSome amount of paralysis in all four limbs.Between £285,000 – £355,000
ParaplegiaLevel of compensation will depend upon the extent of the pain, the degree of independence of the individual, depression and age and life expectancy.Between £190,000 – £250,000

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